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11.5.2017 Neonto & ApiOmat partnership

Dream partnership between German backend and Finnish frontend

Finnish startup company Neonto and German Enterprise Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider Apiomat have done a four-year licensing contract for Neonto’s design technology. Annualised potential value of the deal is over 100k euros, and it enables Apiomat to offer complete end-to-end solutions for their customers.

“Our products are the perfect match. We’ve been missing a link to enterprise-level backends, and now Apiomat has a toolset for creating mobile frontends” says Neonto’s CTO Pauli Ojala.

“Our clients typically have 1000 employees but only a few dozen mobile developers, and they are under a heavy workload. With Neonto’s toolset, they can really speed up their development times”, says ApiOmat’s CEO Marcel Etzel.

Previously, Apiomat has been providing backend services (BaaS) for large enterprises. Now, with the help of Neonto’s toolset, they will be able to offer their clients the whole end-to-end development path from the app’s backend to the UI.

Neonto is a Finnish startup company whose products help accelerate iOS, Android and ReactJS development. Their past clients include Samsung, CGI, Quickseries, Orange, ApioMat and Aalto University, and their tools have thousands of users in more than 120 countries. The user base for Neonto’s latest React web development tool has grown by 50% every month.

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